Stage Artz Classes


Small groups of between 4 and 8 students. Before enrolling, students are asked to sing a few notes to check pitch.
Students are placed in groups according to age and experience. Students perform in two concerts during the year and
are invited to audition for the annual charity musical production. They may also be involved Christmas Carols.

Vocal Groups are for experienced singers. Members are selected by invitation or special audition.
The groups rehearse and perform continuously throughout the year.

Prep Performance Class
Students in pre-school – grade 1
Pre Junior Singing
Students in grades 2 – 3
Junior Singing
Students in grades 4 – 5
Intermediate Singing
Students in grades 6 – 7
Senior Singing
Students in grades 8 – 11
Adult Singing
18yrs and over
Stage Artz Vocal Group
By Invitation or Audition Only
The Stage Artz Vocal Group is an acapella performance group for experienced adult singers. The group rehearses and performs continuously throughout the year. The Vocal Group is available for hire… specialising in weddings, birthdays, Christmas parties and corporate events.

Class sizes depend on age of students and length of class. Students perform in two drama concerts and
are invited to audition for the annual charity musical production. Advanced/Adult students may also take part
in other theatre projects.

Prep Performance Class
Students in Pre-School to grade 1
Pre-Junior Drama
Students in grades 2 & 3
(minimum 6, maximum 14 students)
Junior Drama
Students in grades 4 & 5
(minimum 6, maximum 14 students)
Intermediate Drama
Students in grades 6 & 7
(minimum 6, maximum 14 students)
Senior 1 Drama
Students in grade 8
(minimum 7 students)
Senior 2 Drama
Students in grade 9 & 10
(minimum 7 students)
Senior 3 Drama
Students in grade 11
(minimum 7 students)
Advanced Drama
Students in grade 12 to 25yrs
(minimum 7 students)
Stage Artz Drama Troupe
18 years and over
(Adult theatre group, 2 plays per year)

Musical Theatre Classes are run by an experienced choreographer who combines song and dance in Broadway style musical numbers.
The classes include time with a singing teacher. Tap workshops are run by a New York trained tap instructor. The classes are fun and energetic and
include a variety of tap styles and numbers (students must supply their own tap shoes).

Minimum of six students in each class.

Prep Performance Group
Students in pre-school – grade 1
Junior Musical Theatre
Students in grades 2 – 3
Intermediate Musical Theatre
Students in grades 4 – 5
Senior Musical Theatre
Students in grades 6 – 8
Advanced Musical Theatre
Students in grades 9 to 12
Tap Workshops
16 years and over
Tap workshops for all ages/levels, to be announced.