stage artz is proud to announce their 2013 charity production!

Each year, Stage Artz Theatre Company and Stage Artz Performing Arts School combine to produce a family musical to raise money for The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Currently, Stage Artz has raised $114,000 for the kids at Westmead. We look forward to increasing that donation with profits raised from Alice the Musical.

Alice the Musical, Paul Boyd’s acclaimed adaptation of the books of Lewis Carroll, is his most popular production and has proven to be a big hit time and time again. This modern rock version of Alice in Wonderland has been performed professionally across Ireland and the UK. In 2009, the show’s USA premiere at the Actor’s Playhouse in Miami, Florida, opened and proved so successful that it was revived for a second run. Alice the Musical was recently translated for the Japanese Premiere which was performed in 2011 at Nagoya City Higashi Playhouse, Nagoya.

Telling the story of Alice and her attempts to escape from the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland, this full-scale musical includes a large cast of well-loved, weird and wonderful characters including The Mad Hatter, The Caterpillar, Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle Dum, The White Rabbit and the larger-than-life cabaret-style narrator, The Cheshire Cat. Paul Boyd’s music wonderfully reflects the preposterous world of Alice’s imagination. The show ends with a mega-mix finale that has audiences on their feet cheering for more! Alice the Musical is a new magical musical adventure that reaches the hearts, minds and funny bones of all generations. We hope you will join us in Wonderland for a journey full of music and mischief!!

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To learn more about the show and its previous productions, visit Paul Boyd’s website.
You can even listen to a snippet of the show!

Production Reviews

“A party from start to finish that has everyone
going crazy.
Punchy storytelling, terrific music
and nicely naughty grown-ups gags.”

– Irish Times.

“This sophisticated musical is a feast
for the eyes… a real winner.”

– Belfast Telegraph

The Alice Cast 

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Alice Rehearsals 

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