Stage Artz Fees

30 minute class

$165 + GST

  • per term

60 minute class

$195 + GST

  • per term

90 minute class

$215 + GST

  • per term

120 minute class

$230 + GST

  • per term

Please note: Prices do not include GST, this will be added to quarterly invoices.
Invoices will be sent out via email, and any queries regarding invoices or payments should be directed to

Stage Artz terms run for 9 weeks:
2024 term dates can be viewed here.

Family Discount:
Families with more than one child attending class will receive a 10% discount on subsequent children.

Multi-Class Discount:
Students attending two classes per week will receive a 10% discount on the second class. Students attending three classes per week will receive a 10% discount on the second class and a 25% discount on the third class. Further discounts available for students attending more than 3 classes per week.

Stage Artz accepts Creative Kids Vouchers and Active Kids Vouchers (available through Service NSW). To use a voucher, please email the VOUCHER NUMBER, STUDENT NAME (as it appears on the voucher) and STUDENT BIRTHDATE to

An initial enrolment fee of $30 plus GST is payable when first enrolling at Stage Artz. This fee covers administration costs and a Stage Artz T-Shirt for the new student.
To help cover high production costs associated with Stage Artz plays and musicals (rehearsals, theatre hire, lights, sound costumes, sets, copyright etc), students/members who are cast in the Annual Charity Musical are charged a production fee.
No production or costume fees are charged to students for involvement in student concerts.
Students will receive notification in class of 2024 merchandise/clothing available for sale (eg, jackets, hoodies).